User Personas

Tim – High school student in western North Carolina
17 years old
Personal Concerns: Not having to do more work than necessary.
Academic Concerns: Get an A in environmental science class.

Tim is a student taking the environmental science class at his school. He is taking the class to fill one of his graduation requirements. He’s going on a field trip for the class to survey insect populations at a nearby national park. He is instructed to use an iPhone app to collect the data. He’s never used the app before, but he is good with technology in general. He follows instructions well, but he has no experience in research surveys.

Professor Tammy Head of Project – The head of the project uses the data collected through the application to run formal, rigorous statistical analysis in order to find important trends in the data. Thus it is important to him that the data collected be valid and meet the requirements for his statistics tests (e.g., the data collected must be sufficiently random or else the test is not useful). He needs to be able to change any data that is provably incorrect to what it most likely is supposed to be, while retaining a copy of the original, raw data. Tammy is a professor at a major university and by extension he has very little free time, any attempt to automate redundant tasks is appreciated by him.