Use Cases

Title Actor Scenario
Validate data Professor / Head of Project
  1. The professor logs in to the admin page
  2. The professor sees any new data submissions since the last log in
  3. The teacher can edit any new submissions or approve them without editing
Input Mobile data Student/Volunteer/User
  1. User inputs siteID and password, the site circle, survey, and notes, then presses continue
    1. If login info is correct, proceed. Otherwise display error message and prompt user for info again.
  2. User inputs temperature, time, and day
  3. User selects arthropod order(s)
  4. User inputs length, count, notes, and a photo and presses continue
  5. User inputs plant species, selects herbivory, and selects/takes a leaf photo
  6. User presses submit
  7. Submitted data is validated for correctness
    1. If data is okay, data is uploaded
    2. Otherwise, user is prompted to correct the invalid information