Team Behavior

  • Team members will generally communicate via email. Short-notice messages, such as if someone is running late to a meeting, may be sent through text messages.
  • Email responses can generally be expected within six business hours but no more than one business day.
  • Responses will not be expected unless explicitly asked for in either the subject line or body of the email.
  • All team members should be notified as soon as possible, ideally at least 24 hours before a deadline, when a slippage seems possible or occurs. Status updates will be shared throughout the groupĀ on MWF via phone call.
  • If someone is five or more minutes late to a meeting without notifying the team, that person will be called to determine the reason for their absence. If they do not respond, we will begin the meeting without them.
  • If an answer to a question is needed, a default decision as well as a deadline for the information will be indicated in the request for the information. A request for a response must have a reasonable deadline.
  • All team members will be cc’ed in emails related to the project.