Scientists are concerned that climate change is affecting the life cycles of birds and the insects they eat in different ways. There are a plethora of bird watching apps that incorporate migration data, but hardly anything for tracking bird food.

Caterpillars Count ( is a new app that aims to give amateur scientists the means to collect and submit such data so that we may better understand how we are affecting the lives of birds.  This gathered data can then be repackaged and presented using a variety of visualization methods to give this app’s users a more comprehensive (and easily understood) picture of the insect populations.

The goal of this project is to add additional functionality into the existing Caterpillars Count app.  The added functionality will fall into the following three categories.

  1. Broaden the user-base of the “caterpillar survey” participants by creating a data submission app for iOS devices.
  2. Implement automatic quality control on the data submitted to Caterpillars Count in order to catch and correct potentially corrupted data more quickly.
  3. Include more visualizations of the collected survey data. These new information displays will attempt to show trends in the data with respect to time.